Accessories are a sure way to elevate any outfit. These days, you don’t have to stick only to the conventional way of accessorizing, you can accessorize any part of your outfit from as simple as wearing earrings to accessorize your handbag with the colorful Pom Perfect accessories. It helps to know how to accessorize different outfits, which accessories are best for different outfit style or occasions and the best way to style yourself in general.

Different Types of Accessories


When you buy the right pieces of accessories, you can use them at different times and in different occasions

Pom Perfect


These accessories always brighten up any outfit as they are quite essentially Pom Perfect. They are a great way to show personality and also to add color to an outfit. Perfect for the spring, summer, and fall beach vibes.




Scarves are also a great accessory as well as a necessity. In the cold months, they come in quite handy in keeping your neck warm and in some cultures, they are worn as a sign of religion or faith. There are different types of scarves with different lengths and colors and styles and they can be tied in different ways to fit into an outfit. Try out different styles to see which tie works best for you. Try to learn at least two or three ways to tie your scarf and so you can always fall back to these styles whenever you want to accessorize with a  scarf. The kind of scarf you use could vary from season to season. In the winter, you are bound to use longer and thicker scarfs that can accessorize your outfit but also keep you warm. In the summer and spring, something floral and light and even smaller will work just great. In the fall, long scarves are also great but you can make them more colorful to fit in with the season.



Belts are also a necessity. When you are using belts as an accessory make sure you figure out the placement that works best for you. Try different placements and styles of belts to see which goes best with your figure or your style of dressing. There are different ways to wear a belt; on the ips, wearing waist, natural waist, and close your bust like an empire waistline. You may find that multiple combinations look good – skinny at your natural waist, wide up by your bust, medium at your wearing waist. But this little exercise will get you on the right track.



Jewelry is something that everyone has. The can be sentimental or also a measure of wealth and they can also show personality and make an outfit look more sophisticated. If you want to start accessorizing more, start with jewelry. Even if your ears are not pierced, you can start with necklaces or statement rings or bangles.

Bracelet: A bracelet is kind of an understated subtle yet important piece of accessory. It can be very personalized also to reflect your personality. Go simple or pile on a bunch of bracelets, either way, they always look great.


Large Earrings: Large earrings such as hoops are a great way to dress up a casual outfit or even give a formal outfit a different vibe. Colorful statement earring always adds drama to an outfit and make you look elegant. If you want to try it out for the first time, the summer is definitely the best time.


Long Earrings: Long earrings are also a great accessory for adding some personality to a simple outfit. They also make you look taller and leaner and can be used to draw attention to your outfit. Try not to overdo it do. Mardi Gras is not every day.


Belts:  Accessorizing with belts is one trend that comes and goes. I remember when I was a teenager it was very popular to accessorize with a belt and then it kind of faded and now it’s back again. Putting a belt on a flowy dress or shirt is a good way to add personality to your fashion.

Dos and Don'ts of Jewelry


Know Your proportions: Of your outfit is quite voluminous, then you might not need a lot of accessories. Just a small chain will do the trick. If your outfit is tight and simple then you can go with big accessories like chunky earrings or a long necklace or even a body chain

Use Bolder Accessories for simple outfits:I already mentioned this above but it’s worth explaining further. If your outfit is quite simple, like a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt or blouse, you can go all out with accessories such as earrings, bangles, and statement rings, to add complexity and more interest to the look.

Don’t wear too many accessories at once: Be cautious not to overdo it so don’t wear too many accessories at the same time. For example, if you are wearing statement earrings, you can leave your neck bare or wear a simple and understated necklace and bangles. Keep it to 2 or 3 accessories at a maximum.


Stack Bangles: Stack bangles to create an interesting look. But it’s better to wear one quality bangle than a bunch of cheap looking bangles. You can stack two or 3 quality bangles.




These have different names depending on the part of the world you are. They can be called tights, hosiery, leggings amongst other names. They are one accessory that has been used since days of old. In the winter, they are great for keeping you warm and in the summer they are worn in more formal settings like with suits or under dresses.